Wvu Cultural Resource Management Essay Exam 1

WV Cultural Resource ManagementEXAM ISahady Utilizing the lecture notes from the first day of define the following Cultural Resources Are the sources of culture such as and architecture Cultural Resource Management The main form of archaeology in the It is used mostly by archaeologists to refer to management of historic places based on their and historical interests in compliance with the environmental and historic preservation Mostly salvage or rescue archaeology is Historic Preservation A way of preserving historic and artifacts to protect them from destruction or any other means that may harm Historic Properties Places of historic significance that are protected under the historic preservation These can include such as the Mount Vernon as well as specific pieces of land such as Archeological Resources Sources that can provide significant amounts of archaeological data such as artifacts and It is also something that may provided pertinent information to the archaeological What is the function of cultural resource and what are the values of cultural The function of cultural resource management is to protect historic places based on their and historic A majority of the work done in CRM is salvage To put it in better terms they try to salvage as

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