you are being asked to help design a new robotic system. a design concept

you are being asked to help design a new robotic system. a design concept has been created for a polishing system driven by a simple two link manipulator. your job is to design/select the configuration of the two links . the design project will involve designing and selecting the structural configuration of the manipulator. the base link can rotate through 270 degrees and the end link can rotate 360 deg. the system will be used to move a polishing head attached at the end over a flat surface. the polisher must be maintained at 0.25 inch above the workpiece and there is only one inch of vertical adjustment from the actuator. so the maximum deflection that will be allowed is one inch with the system in any configuration. you must design the lightest possible linkage system so that the actuation requirements are a minimum. the links should be made from either steel or aluminum using standard tubing or structural shapes to minimum cost. the factor of safety will be 1.25 to yield and 1.5 to ultimate. a dynamic load factor of 2 is required due to the movement of the links during operation. Please remember to do the calculations( ex, the factor of safety,the maximum deflection and so on) this is important. also the citation. i will send you the attached figure and more detail about this project.:

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