You are required to complete a

You are required to complete a Currency Watch project. This project is not a team project. The project should reflect your own effort, understanding, and analytical ability. (((The project paper should not exceed five pages))) , excluding tables, figures, and references. The paper must be typed, double-spaced, and free of editorial errors.Project Description. This project involves a foreign exchange rate watch over a two-month period. Each student will track the changes in a foreign currency exchange rate (per U.S. dollar) for the period May 20, 2015 to July 20, 2015 as reported in The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) or in other online and printed financial publications.. Your project report should include a table showing the dates and the exchange rates, a graph of the exchange rates, mean and standard deviation of the exchange rates, and two-to-three page explanation of the causes of daily exchange rate changes. You may want to track the news reported or articles published in WSJ and in other financial media about the political events, interest rates, inflation rates, estimates of growth rates in gross national product, intervention by the central bank, and money supply in both the United States and foreign country. Such information should be presumably useful in finding the causes of daily exchange rate changes. You should cite articles published in WSJ and other outlets in your explanation of variation in daily exchange rates.

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