You need to perform a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis of any two of the following changes to the basic model.

A A pyrolysis process has been developed that can recycle carbon fibre composites. The mid-point values for theprocess are included. You need to consider how you would change the model to account for the carbon fibres thatare recycled out of this process. A quantitative analysis using the Excel file would be expected. If the recycledcarbon fibres are not as strong as new fibres, consider how you might include this effect in the model.B With the basic model, calculate normalised values of the mid-point values. Compare these to normalisedend-point values and Discuss (check for the help you need) why there may be differences. Use European or Worldwide values, or maybe both.C If a hybrid car was used, there would be a need for a battery system and electric motor. Mid-point values forthese are given, but without any information of the weight required or how much fuel a hybrid system would save.Try to find some information on this (at least enough to give reasonable approximations) and use this to do aquantitative assessment of how a hybrid will change the values for one of the vehicles (steel BIW or compositeBIW).D The current model uses a typical mix of steel. The hot-rolled steel used in the model is produced with thefollowing processes:Hot rolling, a process done on all the material regardless of the source of steel.Electric Arc Furnace steel production, which makes up 35% of the steel and uses entirely scrap as a feed-source.Basic Oxygen steel production, which makes up the remaining 65% of the steel. This uses 70% pig-iron from a blastfurnace, and 30% scrap.Blast furnace production, which is used to make up the 70% that goes into the Basic Oxygen process. This includesall the downstream impacts of raw materials extraction.This means that the current model uses steel that has a recycled content of about 55%. Automotive steel will berecycled almost completely, so you need to consider how you would modify the model to treat this more fairly.This will not be a quantitative analysis, but will involve some detailed qualitative analysis after carefulthought. There may be more than one way of addressing this and Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of the different methods would be good.Flow diagrams will be much more useful than rather vague descriptions.

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