Your assignment is to write a

Your assignment is to write a research paper on thetopic of global warming/pollution/climate change.You are also to include a reference page attached at theend of your paper. You are to have a minimum of 6references and include them in the proper format.Content:1. Your essay should include an introductory paragraphon the topic of global warming. You should includefactual information, which you will find from yourresearch. The last sentence of your introductoryparagraph should be your thesis statement, which willinclude your opinion on global warming. Do you think itis a problem, or not? Why or why not?2. The following paragraphs (it is up to you how many,but should be at least 3) of your paper will besupporting your thesis statement.Make sure to answer the following questions withinyour paper:What is global warming?What is it caused by? (Which compounds/chemicals)What are some statistics on global warming?What are the effects of global warming? (specificreferences and reactions, not just ?it gets hot?)What are some political issues surrounding the topic ofglobal warming?Is there controversy surrounding global warming?Explain.3. Lastly, you are to write a conclusion, summarizingand supporting your paper.

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